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Here come this time of the year again.

Sorry for the lack of activity online, both here and on the (TF) site.
I'm not someone to bring personal issues online, but just lets say that some family misfortunes had me reschedule my whole summer and fall plans, which included cancelling long dues vacations and the much needed rest that come with it. But you can't really plan cancer...

The only vacation I'm giving myself until next year will be the defunct Furfright, now called Furpocalypse.

As like the previous year, I got a room, but on the first overflow hotel in front of the main hotel, the Quality Inn hotel.
So I'm again looking for quiet roommates to share the room cost, or should anyone had an extra space in the main hotel, a bed in there.

Well, I'm off from Skype. It was good as it lasted. You can thanks Micro$oft for this...

As you see, when Microsoft bought Skype, they kind of signed its death warrant.
Now with them in control, you had to expect stupid decisions which were to tell YOU what you have to do.

After shoving us Windows 8 on a PC with that awful untouch unfriendly interface, they've done the same with Skype.  You don't use THEIR bloated tools? Then screw you! Microsoft is becoming even more like Apple.

And now, the Skypekit is officially DEAD and not working for EVERYONE. Thanks to Microsoft deciding to make Skype "experience" identical on all device... read FUCKING TABLETS AND MOBILE PHONE.

With Skypekit gone, 3rd parties software cannot communicate with Skype to receive and send message. And since Skype now belong to Microsoft, the protocol is as closed as the Pope.

And no, I won't sacrifice Trillian's features (multiple Instant messenger support, chat history, contact metagroups, and more importantly, games overlay) for Microsoft bloated, unfriendly crapware.

For a few days, I'll leave Skype open. If I'm on your contact list and want to keep chatting with me, you can find me on one of the other popular instant messenger services:

Google Talk / Hangout :
Yahoo Messenger : Dragoniade
AIM Messenger : Dragoniade
ICQ : 7236965
Live Messenger (if you haven't merged your MSN and skype accounts) :
Astra : Dragoniade

How to use those alternative service?  You can use a multi-protocol client such as Trillian or Pidgin to connect to one or more of them or use their clients.

After that, I'll only use Skype to attend audio and video chat and close it once it's done.
Sorry, but I won't let myself be forced a Microsoft decision who backstabbed EVERYONE by removing skypekit support.
Taken from :iconerncer: and :iconkezrek:

Go and comment about any assumption you have about me!
I'll then reply with how far (or close) from the truth you are

:) :) :)


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Current Residence: St-Amable
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Instant Messengers
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Here is a list of my latest commissions and the status of others
Commission with pending status
Date: June 2013
Paid: Yes (35$)
Status: In progress
Philippe into Dragoniade (anthro) Sprite Transformation

Date: April 2013
Paid: Yes (10$)
Status: In Progress
Description: Dragoniade, Orca form

Date: July 2012
Paid: Waiting for news (200 points)
Status: In Progress
Description: Dragoniade, Feral form (Transformation)

Date: February 2012
Paid: Yes (45$)
Status: Waiting
20 seconds Orca transformation
10 seconds Dragoniade Feral Transformation
20 seconds Dragonioade Taur Transformation
5 transformation into Dragoniade Anthro, Feral, Dragontaur, Orca and Utahraptor form.

Date: November 2011
Paid: Yes (40$)
Status: 3 sketches done, 1 colored, waiting for the other 2
Dragoniade Rough 01 by avancnaDragoniade Rough 02 by avancnaDragoniade Rough 03 by avancna
Dragoniade Anthro, Feral and Dragontaur forms

Date: March 2009
Paid: Yes (200$)
Status: Waiting refund
To clear his debt (which was left at 160$ after the David Wong commission, I agree to partake in a joined commission between Lizardman (story) and Miranda Leigh (Sequence). The works was rated at 200$, so I sent him 40$ to compensate the balance.
Lizardman broke with Miranda, told her he had refund people. I never got refunded.

:iconatariboy2600: (John)
Date: October 2005
Paid: Yes (Over 85$)
Status: Waiting
Dragoniade Transformation, various

Date: August 2005
Paid: Yes (160$)
Status: Cancelled, never refund
In order to help him pay a dept over a PC I sold him, I took over a commission from David Wong he was stuck with.
He agreed to behave as a proxy since all the transaction had to be made in US soil (phone call, reference handling, etc).
He received the finished commission in October 2006, sent me a picture of it, but never sent the commission, arguing that the postal service won't accept poster tube and want me to use UPS, which would add an extra 20-40$ in brokerage fee. He's not responding to any contact sent his way.

Date: Early 2002
Paid: Yes (Website), Cancelled commission
Status: Burned by him
In 2002, he was sharing a website with Bahamut and Solidasp. The site needed a revamp, so it was agreed I would do it in exchange for a picture form each tenant. Only Havoc and Solidasp delivered. Blackrat claimed that he owned me nothing, that if he needed website work, he would have read and done it himself (like you can learn PHP in 1 week with no programming skill). Before that, I asked him for a commission. While he was normally charging 20$ for a colored picture, he asked me 65$ for a Dragoniade drawing, stating he was using a new method to calculate price. Of course, that sounded to me like he didn't wanted, and rather than said no, put the refusal on me by overcharging. So, I never got that commission nor the commission for the website work. As of 2008, the site is not working, as I stopped maintaining it for non-payment.

Latest Finished Commissions

:iconsandragon: :new: :new:
Dragoniade & Sil'vah (Dragons)
Dragoniade comission by Sandragon

:icontargonreddragon: :new: :new:
Dragoniade (Orca)
Commission: The Killer Whale Rider by TargonRedDragon

:icontargonreddragon: :new: :new:
Dragoniade (Orca)
Commission: Orcanic Twist by TargonRedDragon

:iconlucern7: :new: :new:
Philippe into Anthro Dragoniade (Transformation)
Animated Icon: Dragoniade 3 -Dragon Logo by Lucern7

:iconmistressmissingno: :new: :new:
Philippe into Shiny Charizard (Transformation)
SoG: 006 Charizard Shiny by MistressMissingno

:iconluckery: :new: :new:
Philippe into an Elephant (Transformation)
[CMS] - A Shower before the Pool by Luckery [CMS] - A Shower before the Pool II by Luckery [CMS] - A Shower before the Pool III by Luckery

:iconluckery: :new: :new:
Philippe into a Blue Whale (Transformation)
[CMS] A Whale in Class - Guess Student by Luckery

:iconlucern7: :new:
Philippe into an Raptor (Transformation)
Animated Icon: Dragoniade 2 - Raptor by Lucern7

Philippe into an Orca (Transformation)
Commission: Orca TF [Page 1/2] by Nolhyaa Orca Transformation  Page [2/2] by Nolhyaa

Philippe into an Orca (Transformation)
Animated Icon: Dragoniade 1 -Orca by Lucern7

Dragoniade, Dragon form
Livestream Commission: Dragoniade VS lizard by Lucern7

Philippe into an Centaur (Transformation)
[CMS] Choosen by the Gods 1 by Luckery [CMS] Choosen by the Gods 2 by Luckery [CMS] Choosen by the Gods 3 by Luckery

Philippe into an Bull (Transformation)
Bull TF Commission by Birvan

Dragoniade: Anthro forms
UGLY IS BEAUTIFUL: Typhoon Haiyan Charity Pics by zillabean

Dragoniade: Anthro and Dragon forms
C: Dragoniade [1/2] by ItsOver900O C: Dragoniade [2/2] by ItsOver900O

Philippe into Dragoniade, Dragon form (Transformation)
Dragoniade Transformation .: Commission :. by Janexas Dragoniade Final Sketch .: Commission :. by Janexas

Dragoniade: Anthro and Dracotaur forms
Dragoniade 2 by Blekarotva Dragoniade 1 by Blekarotva

Philippe into an Hammerhead Shark (Transformation)

Dragoniade, Orca form
Commission: Dragon Tides by Okura
Sky Tube from Ecco

Dragoniade: Anthro form
Dragoniade portrait by AnsticeWolf

Philippe into Dragoniade, Dragon form (Transformation)
[Comm] Dragoniade Rising by ErnCer

Philippe into an Godzilla (Transformation)

Philippe into an Tyranosaurus-Rex (Transformation)
The Fossil 1 by Lucern7 The Fossil 2 by Lucern7

Dragoniade: Feral form
Dragon Portal by Nordeva

Philippe into an Bull (Transformation)
The Invite by Lucern7

Philippe into an Elephant (Transformation)
Livestream Commission Elephiade by Lucern7

Philippe into an Orca (Transformation)
Dragoniade's Escape Page 1 by Lucern7 Dragoniade's Escape Page 2 by Lucern7 Dragoniade's Escape Page 3 by Lucern7 Dragoniade's Escape Page 4 by Lucern7 Dragoniade's Escape Page 5 by Lucern7 Dragoniade's Escape Page 6 by Lucern7

Philippe into Tyranosaurus-Rex (Transformation)
Commission: Freedom to be Feral Page 01 by Rex-equinox Commission: Freedom to be Feral Page 03 by Rex-equinox Commission: Freedom to be Feral Page 04 by Rex-equinox Commission: Freedom to be Feral Page 05 by Rex-equinox Commission: Freedom to be Feral Page 06 by Rex-equinox Commission: Freedom to be Feral Page 07 by Rex-equinox

Dragoniade: Anthro, Dracotaur, Feral and Orca forms
Commission: Dragoniade (1/4) by Dwarfdraco Commission: Dragoniade (3/4) by Dwarfdraco Commission: Dragoniade (4/4) by Dwarfdraco Commission: Dragoniade (2/4) by Dwarfdraco

Philippe into Dragoniade, DracoTaur form (Transformation)
Dragontaur Morph by Ageaus

Dragoniade: Orca form
Commish - Dragoniade by Aniutqa

Philippe into Dragoniade, Orca form (Transformation) [Clean]
[Comm] A Little Favor Page 1 by ErnCer [Comm] A Little Favor Page 2 by ErnCer [Comm] A Little Favor Final Page by ErnCer

Philippe into Dragoniade, DracoTaur form (Transformation)
The real me - 1 by Spere94 The real me - 3 by Spere94 The real me - 2 by Spere94 The real me - 4 by Spere94 The real me - 5 by Spere94 The real me - 6 FINAL by Spere94

Philippe into Grizzly (Transformation)
CMS - Bear totem by Luckery

Philippe into Dragoniade, Orca form (Transformation)
[Comm] A Little Favor Page 1 by ErnCer [Comm] A Little Favor Page 2 by ErnCer [Comm] A Little Favor Final Page by ErnCer

Philippe into Dragoniade, Orca form (Transformation)
Dragoniade Orca Tf Commish 1/4 by DanteVergilLoverAR Dragoniade Orca Tf Commish 2/4 by DanteVergilLoverAR Dragoniade Orca Tf Commish 3/4 by DanteVergilLoverAR Dragoniade Orca Tf Commish 4/4 by DanteVergilLoverAR

Philippe into Dragoniade, Orca form (Transformation)
Orca TF pg1 by Ravenfire5 Ocra TF pg2 by Ravenfire5 Orca TF pg3 by Ravenfire5 Orca TF pg4 by Ravenfire5 Orca TF pg5 by Ravenfire5

Dragoniade: Dracotaur, Anthro and Feral forms
Dragoniade taur by yamiyo Dragoniade by yamiyo Anthro Dragoniade by yamiyo

Philippe into Maverick Dragon (Transformation)
Ancient Shield Dragon by Luckery

Dragoniade: Anthro, Dracotaur, Feral and Orca forms
Point Comission - Many faces of Dragoniade by FerAdami

Dragoniade: Anthro, Dracotaur, Feral and Orca forms
Dragoniade Taur commission by yamicool Anthro Dragoniade commission by yamicool Dragoniade point commission Dragon form by yamicool Orca commission by yamicool Dragoniade orca commission by yamicool

Philippe into Dragoniade, Feral form (Transformation)
DragoniadeTF by POKA-chan

Philippe into Dragoniade, Orca form (Transformation)
Orca(ed???) 1 by MrAxiom Orca(ed???) 2 by MrAxiom Orca(ed???) 3 by MrAxiom Orca(ed???) 4 by MrAxiom

Philippe into Dragoniade, Feral form (Transformation)

Dragoniade, Orca form
Dragonaide Orca by Atolm

Dragoniade: Dracotaur form
Chibi Dragoniade by Nordeva
Beware the cuteness of the dracotaur!

Dragoniade: Anthro form

Dragoniade: Dracotaur form

Dragoniade, Feral form
Commission-Dragoniade by 768dragon

Dragoniade, Dragontaur form
Commission-Dracotaur by 768dragon

Dragoniade, Feral form
PC Soar to the Sun by Neffertity

Dragoniade, Orca form
Commission. Dragoniade Profile by SkyebobPiepants
My BEST orca reference. All the details are there and I'm very pleased with the result.

Philippe into Dragoniade, Anthro Form
Dragon...iade Commish Part 1 by DanteVergilLoverARDragon...iade Commish Part 2 by DanteVergilLoverARDragon...iade Commish Part 3 by DanteVergilLoverAR
Dragon...iade Commish Part 4 by DanteVergilLoverARDragoniade Commish 5 (Final) by DanteVergilLoverAR
Quite a nice transformation. Live the tail shot on the tail TF. Could have used less blood though. It mask some of the details.

Dragoniade, Feral form
Heartlines by DemonML
Nice work, but I was a bit dissapointed in the resulting file. I traded a premium membership for a commission and all I got was a 600 pixels picture.
A bit dissapointement I would pay a commission and not get a descent sized picture back. Anyway, I hope she can solve that issue in the future.

Dragoniade: Dragontaur form
Commission: The Dragontaur by TargonRedDragon
His firs taur, which is not bad for a first time. Some proportion issues here and there, but darn the scalework is good.

Dragoniade, Feral form
Dragoniade by Ghostwalker2061
Where to start. This artist is good in her pictures. However, she is AWFUL at communication. First, taking commission in february, then putting everything on hold because of school without telling anyone. Then she started working back on commission in falls. I don't know about the other, but never has she noted or emailed me telling me she resumed, sent a sketch or sent the finished picture.
You want feedback? Watch her or risk missing your commission. I only saw she did mine when I had a peek at her gallery. Not even a note. And she hasn't replied neither about getting a picture back.
You better be patient if you commission her. I know I'll think twice before doing so again. She may be good, but not good enough to be treated like you don't exist.

Philippe into an Orca (Transformation)
One of the best orca transformation I ever commissionned, in term of realism.
I actually commissionned 3 layers for that commission in order to make it anatomically correct.
I'm still need to find the time to make a small HTML5 or flash 'X-Ray' application that will show the skeleton transformation under all that blubber (the skeleton was one of those layer).

Dragoniade, Orca form
Commission - Dragoniade by Okura
Really nice rendition of Dragoniade's orca form. One of my reference now.

Dragoniade, Feral form
Interesting by Metamorpher
A dragon by Metamorpher... Now if he could just transform me into Dragoniade ;)

Dragoniade: Dragontaur form
24 - The unstoppable by RayEtherna

Dragoniade: Anthro form
23 - Patience by RayEtherna

Dragoniade: Anthro form
Dragoniade 2013 Comish by Sandragon

Dragoniade: Dragontaur form
Reaching The Top - Dragoniade Commission by Raptor85

Philippe into Dragoniade, Feral form (Transformation)
Dragoniade mid Transformation by MrAxiom

Philippe into an Orca (Transformation)
Commish - Improved Swimgear, Orca TF by SesakaTH Commish - Improved Swimgear, Orca TF part 2 by SesakaTH

Dragoniade, Feral form
Dragoniade the gold dragon by kaze-fox

Philippe into Dragoniade, Feral Form (Transformation)
Commission- DragoniadeTF1 by WindieDragonCommission- DragoniadeTF2 by WindieDragonCommission- DragoniadeTF3 by WindieDragon

Make sure you stop by his stream and commission something from him
Philippe into an Orca (Transformation)
Commission-Strange Waters by LudoMercierCommission-Strange Waters 2 by LudoMercierCommission-Strange Waters 3 by LudoMercier

:iconraptor85: is currently accepting commissions. Have a look. She does great reptile, dinosaurs and Layton :)
Dragoniade: Dragontaur form
Reaching The Top - Dragoniade Commission by Raptor85

Philippe into Dragoniade, Feral form (Transformation)
Some error in the commission, but this turned out good.
Dragon Inside 1 by Morph0sDragon Inside 2 by Morph0sDragon Inside 3 by Morph0sDragon Inside 2.5 by Morph0sDragon Inside 4 by Morph0s

Philippe into Dragoniade, Feral form (Transformation)
Comm: Le temple des dragons - part 1 by oldibloggComm: Le temple des dragons - part 2 by oldibloggComm: Le temple des dragons - part 3 by oldibloggComm: Le temple des dragons - part 4 by oldiblogg
The body lack a bit of mass, but this is an overall good transformation.

Philippe into an Orca (Transformation)
Commission - Everbreathing Serum 1 by LuckeryCommission - Everbreathing Serum 2 by LuckeryCommission - Everbreathing Serum 3 by LuckeryCommission - Everbreathing Serum 4 by LuckeryEverbreathing Serum - Finale by Luckery
One thing that annoy me when people do transformation is when they screw up the anatomy.
Anatomy is the most important part of a transformation. Otherwise, you may just do two pictures: before and after.
Orca are one of my favorite, and darn so many people screw up cetacean transformations because of their lack of knowledge about anatomy, and they are too lazy to do research.
I wanted to do an anatomy transformation sequence, so I took the opportunity when Luckery had a sale to order one, and to give my friend some challenge to help him get better and more recognized among other TF fan.
Have a look at his gallery and his commission, he deserves it.

Philippe into a Wyvern (Skyrim) (Transformation)
Commission - Dovah's Call 1 by LuckeryCommission - Dovah's Call 2 by LuckeryCommission - Dovah's Call 3 by LuckeryCommission - Dovah's Call 4 by Luckery
Love the tail and the wings transformation :)

Dragoniade, Orca form
Commission: The Morphed Orca by TargonRedDragon
We were talking about Orca and transformations, since our characters could shape shift, when I asked him if he would draw one. So this is attempt to an orca transformation. Well, more a portrait of Dragoniade in Orca form since the only sign of transformation is the shredded clothes and the descriptions.
Still, very nice orca :)

Philippe into an Orca (Transformation)
Sketch Comish - Dragoniade Morphing by TwilightSaint
Wanted to see if she could do a transformation. Turned out good I think.
Dragoniade, Dragontaur form
Sketch Comish - Dragoniade DragonTaur by TwilightSaint
Dragoniade, Feral form
Comish - Dragoniade's Swoop by TwilightSaint
I liked her dragon, so I took the opportunity to commission her to do Dragoniade, in her style. Turned out great

Dragoniade, Feral form
Commission for Dragoniade by Nyaasu

Dragoniade, Orca and Dragontaur forms
Commission - Orca Dragoniade by AbelPheeCommission - Taur Dragoniade by AbelPhee
Two speed commissions I took when she offered her. She does great creature, especially her feral Pokémon, so I wanted to see what Dragoniade would like from her hands.

Philippe into a Carnotaurus (Transformation)
Commission - Primal Appettitte 1 by LuckeryCommission - Primal Appettitte 2 by LuckeryCommission - Primal Appettitte 3 by LuckeryCommission - Primal Appettitte 4 by Luckery
A commission I took when the letter C was the monthly letter. You get a rebate if you pick a transformation based on the month chosen letters.
Cool transformations, some good back and tail shots too :)

Dragoniade, Feral form
Commission: The Stolen Relic by TargonRedDragon
Since he offer free second character if it's one of his, I decided to have him one of his main villain, for the sake of recovering a fragment of Sil'vah's soul (Dragoniade's internal back-story). Turned out quite good. There are some minor flaws in the picture, but considering how some people were so anal about them, I'm satisfied with it. Asking to put the picture as Mature because you can't see the hand (thinking there's mutilation) and some gash?? Come on. You never been outside and scratches yourself?

Philippe into Dragoniade, Feral form (Transformation)
I've always been a fan of Gryf, but commissioning him is almost impossible.
When Trunchbull appeared, she greatly reminded me of Gryf. She has the same organic feeling her transformation I always enjoys.
So I did something I don't do sometime: order a single commission that is over 70$, since all my experience on 'expensive' commissions always turned bad. I wasn't disappointed and this turned our really great. I may considered asking for an Orca next time, but I must balance my budget.

Philippe into an Orca (Transformation)
Whale TF - Dragoniade Commission by IchikoWindGryphon
She hadn't drawn an Orca before, so I asked my orca transformation to test the result.
I think it turned quite good.
Philippe into Dragoniade, Dragontaur form (Transformation)
Dragoniade Commission 1 by IchikoWindGryphonDragoniade Commission 2 by IchikoWindGryphonDragoniade Commission 3 by IchikoWindGryphonDragoniade Commission 4 by IchikoWindGryphonDragoniade Commission 5 by IchikoWindGryphonDragoniade Commission 6 by IchikoWindGryphon
Long, well drawn and anatomically accurate transformations, just as I like them. I really enjoyed the result of this commission.

Philippe into an Orca (Transformation)
Dragoniade to Orca 1 of 4 by Artist-GuyDragoniade to Orca 2 of 4 by Artist-GuyDragoniade to Orca 3 of 4 by Artist-GuyDragoniade to Orca 4 of 4 by Artist-Guy
How do you encourage a new artist in the transformation community? You don't behave like a fanboy an support that person by commissioning him and offer encouragement. A very nice pencil shaded commission. Make sure to drop by his gallery.

Dragoniade, Feral form
Commission: Dragoniade by neoscottie

Dragoniade, Feral form
Giggles...Welcome to Dragonia by TargonRedDragonCommission: Pleasure Saunteer by TargonRedDragon
My first commission from Kevin. Personally, I think Kevin does amazing works on reptiles, with the details on scales and body work. But that's as long he stay clean and his reptiles stay... reptilian. He's also offering free characters as long as it's one of his. So you have one picture of Dragoniade and Sil'vah. The other picture has more characters, as they are all his, welcoming mine as he arrives to their world. You like reptiles work, have a look at his gallery.

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i love it
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saw how you've been forced to abandon your FA account cause of a jack***. Don't let that jerk annoy you...he's not worth the dignity of a reply to anything.
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Viva transformations! :-D
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Thanks for the fave oh dragon one!
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