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Submitted on
November 9, 2009
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DA Favorites Downloader by Dragoniade DA Favorites Downloader by Dragoniade
Do you happen to have a lot of favorites? I know I do. I mostly use favorites like 'bookmarks' to artworks / pictures I like.

However, I've never been a fan of 'cloud computing' where everything is stored online and you need to be connected to access it. It's totally inconvenient when you need something and you don't have access to an internet connection.

So I made this. It took me some time to locate all the mostly undocumented feature of DA I needed to do a favorite downloader.

What does it do? You first specify an userID (in my case, mine), give it a save location pattern, like save everything in D:\Deviantart, storing each art in a folder named by the artist name and deviation title. Then you hit download and it will retrieve the user's favorites list, and download the full resolution image associated to the deviation.

Now, I have an offline copy of my deviation, that I can use for my wallpaper or any other offline use.

I coded that in Java when I was at our maple grove shack, since the connection there is much slower than my main one at home.
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Drii-a7x Jul 17, 2013  Student Photographer
Your work is absolutely AMAZING.
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Hey, you're program is AWESOME!!
But can it download images at full size?
Deviantart removed that feature from the feed I was using to retrieve the images data.
I gave a look at an alternative during the week-end, but it isn't something that will be easy to add back without DA giving a proper way to access the full image.
Maybe I can help you. Add me on Steam and/or Skype.
I know a bit of java.
I just downloaded the application from SourceForge, trting to get it to work on Ubuntu Linux. Doesn't seem to be working, is the API still accessible?
I just tried it on Debian (Ubunu cousin) and it worked fine.
How are you trying to start it? Are you starting it with 'java -jar da-favorite-1.2.0.jar' ?
Have you java installed? openjdk 6 should work fine with it.
I am running the da-favorite-1.2.0.jar just fine with openjdk 6. It starts up I pop in the username and select gallery, press download the bottom bar goes to 100% but the top bar doesn't fill. I just tried it for another username and it works. For some reason I can't see the statusbar with the messages at the bottom (or resize the window), is there a log somewhere? The user I am trying is my old account CaptainSemajNikmab, I have tried it with capitals and without. Any trouble shooting tips?
Torunianin Oct 30, 2010   Digital Artist
What's the name of that picture in the background? Where can we find it?
It was a commission of my character done by Black-Ravun
I don't know though where she moved her account at now.
Rainbowhite Aug 4, 2010  Student Digital Artist
I need that program O.O
And I learned that you live reaally close to me 8D
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